Virtual Reverse Advent Calendar – with Twinkles!

18th November 2020


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Dear all

Yes, things are different this year, aren’t they?…

For a number of reasons, here at Medway Foodbank we would like to encourage VIRTUAL REVERSE ADVENT CALENDARS THIS YEAR. We are having to move to a larger warehouse space and are hoping to do that in the next couple of months. Due to this and the unprecedented level of need currently, we want to have as much control as possible over our stock levels and deliveries, so that we don’t have to move tonnes of food stock, and to avoid as much contact as possible, keeping everyone safer.

As a result we are asking whether you would consider using the wonderful app, Spareable, this year.

   Click image for app link

Using the app you can purchase 24 items, or as many as you are able to buy, and then the stock is delivered to us free of charge by the Spareable organisation. We are also informed by Spareable about stock that is coming to us, which really helps us to plan ahead. This will also reduce contact between our warehouse volunteers and your kind selves, keeping us all as safe as possible. We control what is on the wishlist for us on Spareable – most of the items that we need are on the Spareable wishlist. There may not be Christmas items available on Spareable, but we have grant funding available to help us buy items like this in bulk this year. Items will be used well into 2021 and your donations via Spareable will help us to be able to meet the ongoing need.

It is also worth pointing out that our advent calendars are always split up and items used in our normal food parcels, with us adding in Christmas items in December. We do not want whole advent boxes delivered to our warehouse this year due to our potential move, and to keep everyone safe, as much as we appreciate your kindness in thinking about doing this. We know that families often like to pack the advent calendars as you go – you will still be able to look on line with children and they can even choose items to go into your virtual calendar. You could look each day and choose something – but then purchase in one go towards the end of the month. Or you could choose your items all in one go at some point. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NOT A BASKET OPTION TO SAVE ITEMS UNFORTUNATELY.

Using Spareable, you can choose this year to do the calendar at any time during November or December. Whenever the stock gets to us, it will be used to support those who are finding things difficult financially this year, and into 2021. If you are unable to use the app then you could purchase items in the large Tesco and Asda stores in Medway, or Morrisons Strood and drop them off at the in-store collection points. You can choose items from our updated shopping list which is available on our website, Facebook and Twitter.


Lorraine – Project Manager

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