Support Medway Foodbank from home.

18th September 2020

To those of you who are at stuck at home already or will be in coming days and weeks, YOU CAN STILL HELP US!


Support us with funds

We will be needing increased funds. Please only do this if you are financially able to. See the donation page here.


Pray for us if you can!

If you’re the praying type please do pray for us ?and if you’re not the praying type, give it a go anyway! ?


Support us with food when shopping

Drop items into our baskets at large supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and Morrisons. See the list here.


Support us with food using online delivery to us

Use the Spareable app – all food is delivered to us for free, and we are receiving regular deliveries. They do have quite a limited range of items but they are all priority items for us so do have a go but only if you are financially able to.

Download the app for your phone or tablet.


Update & Share Info on our service

Please make it your mission to stay up to date with us online via Facebook and Twitter and share our posts and tweets. That will help us enormously to spread the word about how things are operating around the towns. Do the same for other local charities and groups.

We will do everything we can to stay well and keep everything here running for as long as we possibly can – we have so appreciated all the messages of support over recent days. ? We wish you all well.


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